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Periodically, stories are heard from different regions of Ukraine about attempts by raiders to seize business, property or land, etc. According to Opendatabot, there are about 400 raids in Ukraine every year. Stories with different scales – from small farms to systemic, city-forming business.

Artem Kovbel: uncover financial reporting fraud. Four easy ways

Financial statements are always ready to tell you if there is a fraudster among your employees who appropriates part of the corporate income. You just have to look right. In this column for I want to tell you about some principles. Their knowledge will be especially useful for those owners who do not like accounting and are accustomed to dropping all related issues to employees.

What responsibility awaits a person who does NOT pay child support

A third of all proceedings that are considered in Ukrainian courts are claims for the recovery of alimony.

How to deal with child bullying The concept of bullying

With the development of society, more and more topics and concepts that would seem 10 years ago, were not known to the general public. And although the problems have actually existed for a long time, they have not risen in society. Such topics include the fight against racism, sexism (gender discrimination based on sex) or the topic of bullying and especially child bullying.