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What responsibility awaits a person who does NOT pay child support

A third of all proceedings that are considered in Ukrainian courts are claims for the recovery of alimony.

How to deal with child bullying The concept of bullying

With the development of society, more and more topics and concepts that would seem 10 years ago, were not known to the general public. And although the problems have actually existed for a long time, they have not risen in society. Such topics include the fight against racism, sexism (gender discrimination based on sex) or the topic of bullying and especially child bullying.

With words of gratitude!

Revealing Information Law Firm expresses its sincere gratitude to the Bucha District Police Department of the Kyiv Oblast Police Department for responding quickly to the call to counter the raid, which resulted in the detention of seven attackers by law enforcement officers.

Risk Map – 2021: How to Check Partners and Counterparties

If there is a big deal When planning a major financial investment or transaction, it is important to assess all risks in advance. To do this, the due diligence procedure is used – a fact well known in big business. Less obvious is the other: there are more risks and harder to identify.