Forensic – the best way to protect your business

We are the team of experts, who are united by decades of experience, respect to the law and desire to serve and protect, not the strive to cover thugs.

Forensic (English forensic, lat. - forensis - to speak in front of the forum) - in a wide word, is is a set of examinations: financial, economic, judicial, legal, medical, which help to form an evidence base for certain purposes: mediation, pre-trial settlement of disputes, conflicts, etc., on the one hand, and is a system of preventive measures that allow you to build a system of internal controls in order to minimize the fraud factor in the future, on the other hand.

In a narrow word, it is a financial fraud investigation tool.

Kovbel Artem Igorevich; Senior partner of Vigilant RI GROUP, auditor, member of ASIS, ACFE, ASCP;


  • financial investigations;
  • uncovering schemes for the illegal alienation of assets, their search and return;
  • counteracting bribery and corruption;
  • assistance in the preparation of forensic economic expertise;
  • express diagnostics of the internal control system in the context of the company's departments;
  • analysis and construction of the company's internal security system;
  • preparation of an action plan to prevent fraud;
  • corporate intelligence;
  • construction and implementation of WBS (whistle blowing system) - feedback system;
  • financial controlling for outsourcing;
  • investment protection / control over the intended use of money;
  • investigation / control / technical supervision in the field of construction;
  • conducting an internal audit;
  • prevention of anti-raider attacks;
  • financial fraud risk management and compliance;
  • lie detector check;
  • using the e-Discovery approach;
  • Integrity check;
  • physiognomy / formation of a psychological portrait of a person;
  • forensic training;
  • forensic concierge service;
  • forensic shipping.