Information Security

We are the team of experts, who are united by decades of experience, respect to the law and desire to serve and protect, not the strive to cover thugs.
CRM-systems implementation

Assessment of the current processes of the company:

The structure of the company, the number of departments, recommendations for optimization - at this stage we draw up a vision of the future system and key processes, fix the key tasks.


Setting up the system from the technical side, personalizing it to the needs of the company. The system is configured exclusively for current tasks, testing is carried out and the first deals are created.


Offline and online training of employees to work with the system (we are for offline!). In order for the implementation to be effective, everyone must understand their tasks, be able to work with the database on an ongoing basis, and understand their capabilities.

Optimization of an existing CRM / ERP

Why is the system not working or not working correctly?

We have repeatedly encountered companies that have long ago implemented CRM / ERP, but it exists there only nominally or employees do not use it all the time. The system should optimize the work, not complicate it. We analyze current processes and issue a clear optimization plan.

Launch and test:

We set up and test together with employees, get feedback from them, make the system convenient and practical.


We accompany the company for a period specified by the contract (from 1 month), measure the effectiveness of employees, and, if necessary, make improvements.

Information security consulting and training

Assessment of the current level of security of the company, its databases, corporate secrets. Development of regulations, training of employees, preparation of contracts.