We return faith in Ukrainian justice
We are the team of experts in jurisprudence and law enforcement areas,
who are united by decades of experience and respect to the law
and the desire to serve and protect, not the strive to cover thugs.
Who we are

“Revealing information is a nationwide legal association of broad-based experts providing services to protect the rights of victims of all types of offenses, fraud and banditry. Our services include legal business support, analytical and information work, security measures to counter raiding, customer support in criminal, commercial and civil disputes, and more.

We are the only law firm in Ukraine that has such a comprehensive expertise, the unique experience of solving the most complex and resonant cases, and strict moral codex. Every employee of “Revealing Information” passes qualifying competition during which we check his or her professional, psychological and moral qualities. Hereupon, we are 100% sure that every member of our team is a first-class expert, who is working with us for the greatest good.

Our services
Only qualified specialists in our team
Our lawyers would help you to solve civil and economic disputes efficiently and fast.
Our professionals have a great experience in dealing with raiding.
Client Protection
in Criminal Proceeding
One of the main points of our professional activity is protecting rights of the crime victims.
Protecting business interests
Protection of business interests of enterprises in the formation of labor relations and during inspections of the State Labor Office
“Revealing Information” offers a package of progressive economic safety measures
Our advocates and international lawyers have dealt with such situation for years
You could repair your legal security at every stage of your business development.
Legal advice
engineering services
Legal advice and engineering services in the field of construction
“Revealing Information” has a wide network of branch offices and partner-experts in every region of Ukraine. It means that our clients can always count on fast and professional services where and when it’s needed.
What clients say about us
We are the first and only agency that operates on a completely different level. Our team includes a whole base of professionals in the field of jurisprudence, who at any time are ready to take up your problems and solve them in the shortest possible time
  • I want to thank the Revealing Information team for a long and fruitful cooperation. Professionals with a capital letter. Always put the interests of the customer above all else.
    Yuriy Badahov
    Private notaryus
  • I thank the staff of the law firm "Revealin information" for the high quality and promptness of the rendered services. The main advantage of the employees is the ability to quickly, competently and conscientiously fulfill the tasks, as well as the obligation and accuracy, shown in the process of work. They do not delay the solution of the issue, and achieve the desired result in the shortest possible time. In the market of legal services, your company has established itself as one of the best and most reliable organizations
    Anton Dyadura
    Eska Capital Ltd
  • During our collaboration with Revealing Information, I was convinced that the company provides high-quality legal services. I want to note that the professionalism and reliability of the team that worked and work with me is always timely responding to my requests and suggestions. And we do our best to ensure that our cooperation is as comfortable and effective as possible. The experience and authority of the company's employees helped ensure efficiency for non-simple decisions. The team showed high professionalism, a non-standard approach in legal support for the correct solution of various important issues for me. I can recommend Revealing Information to fruitful cooperation because it deserves the highest ratings as a trusted legal partner.
    Ludmila Prokudina
    Deputy Director «SC «TAS»
Our blog
Our news from the legal and law enforcement sectors will help you to defend your right to justice.

One of the advantages of the REVEALING INFORMATION GROUP is a comprehensive approach to resolving the issue of a person who has applied to us for legal assistance.

This indicates that the team has professionals from various fields of law, which significantly saves money and time for the Client to resolve its issue. The latest example of this is the support of the Client in the case of an administrative offense related to the election process.

Arbitrariness of “guests”: we restrain and subject to a fair trial!

Arbitrariness of “guests”: we restrain and subject to a fair trial! Every day there are more and more cases of gross violations of public order and criminal law by ethnic groups, guests of the capital.

Recently, our team and distinguished guests celebrated the opening of the office of the law firm REVEALING INFORMATION in Chernivtsi.

Thank you all for the greetings and support! Now we are preparing for fruitful work and victories!

Congratulations, friends! Glad to share some great news with you.

Congratulations, friends! Glad to share some great news with you. Having a successful business experience in the capital and abroad, we strive to be useful to customers throughout Ukraine.


On September 22, a MEMORANDUM OF COOPERATION was signed between the RI GROUP Group of Companies and NIKOL-MOTORS Limited Liability Company.

Real estate fraud is a pressing problem at the moment, but the most vulnerable are retirees.

Real estate fraud is a pressing problem at the moment, but the most vulnerable are retirees. Many of them cannot afford protection, having got into the scheme of such swindlers and often remain without a roof over their heads.