Legal services for escorting lawyers to record damage to property due to the armed aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine for damages

We are the team of experts, who are united by decades of experience, respect to the law and desire to serve and protect, not the strive to cover thugs.

On February 24, 2022, Russian troops invaded the sovereign territory of Ukraine without declaring war and began hostilities. The enemy is pursuing extremely dangerous and criminal tactics, aimed at destroying the civilian population by inflicting blows and mass shelling aerial bombardment, heavy artillery shelling, volley fire systems, unguided missile systems in residential areas of cities and towns. From terrorist attacks of “orcs” kill and injure people, as well as in whole or in part housing and property of Ukrainians are being destroyed.

Russia’s criminal actions will not go unanswered and the aggressor country in full will be legally and materially responsible for terrorism and the military crimes on the territory of Ukraine in accordance with international law.

In his address to the people, the President of Ukraine noted that all houses will be reconstructed, but the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has not yet created an algorithm and the procedure for recording the facts of housing destruction.

Lawyers of “ RI GROUP” 24/7 provide legal assistance to victims of hostilities.

An algorithm for capturing and collecting has already been developed and successfully implemented priority evidence in the event of damage to property from enemy attacks.

There is a 24-hour hotline, where everyone can seek advice from any which legal issue, including the destruction or damage to property as a result of hostilities. Keep in mind that a detailed and complete list and description of the damaged or destroyed property will significantly speed up and facilitate the procedure for compensation. Not worth it to expect that a projectile, bomb or rocket will pass you by. The enemy acts insidiously and directs its aggression to the civilian population.

First of all, we advise you to collect the title deeds to the property now, and also find checks, receipts, warranty passports for household appliances, equipment, furniture, etc., make copies of them. It is desirable to keep all documents in one place.

It is also recommended to make a detailed description with video photography of objects real estate, road transport, etc. to record the current state of the property.

Such actions can be useful to establish the market value of the property in case destruction and facilitate its evaluation by an expert appraiser. If, however, your home or car is damaged by enemies shelling, the procedure is as follows:

Call employees of the State Emergency Service for elimination consequences and drawing up the relevant act, get a copy. Apply for a crime to law enforcement agencies with evidence destruction of property. Get an extract from the Unified Register of Pre-trial Investigations. In case of functioning of local administration – to address with the statement on drawing up act of housing inspection and / or draw up an act of destruction independently with neighbors. Take photos and videos of the destruction.

Write written explanations of witnesses to the shelling. Save media articles, photos and videos about the shelling (if there are any).

If you are in an evacuation and cannot do the priority on your own measures to fix the damage, you can contact the hotline of “RI GROUP “and get advice.

Lawyers of RI GROUP provide legal services throughout the territory Ukraine and successfully and professionally perform representation services.
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