Counterfeiting is an extremely topical topic for discussion

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Law firm “REVEALING INFORMATION” offers to use services for detection of counterfeit disinfectants, trademark protection.
Counterfeiting leads to the loss of trust of the average buyer in the preparation, causing irreparable damage to the image and reputation of the manufacturer. Particularly acute is the issue of adulteration when it comes to medicines, hygiene or disinfectants during a pandemic, including hand sanitizer (antiseptic).

Hand antiseptic is an alternative to soap and water to maintain hand hygiene. Experts say that alcohol-based hand antiseptics are 100 times more effective against viruses than any form of handwashing. That is why these products are in high demand in a pandemic, as an effective means of protection against infectious diseases.
Given these circumstances, there are businessmen who, without concern for protecting the health of the population, guided only by the desire for their material gain, begin to produce substandard drugs under the brands of famous manufacturers, which in no way protect the persons who use them.

About 80% of this product is sold through the Internet, where sellers work without a license and other permits, and their activities are not controlled, and the buyer does not see the seller and is not able to inspect the packaging, instructions and accompanying documents until he receives the goods on hand .
Therefore, in order to prevent the spread of counterfeit disinfectants during the pandemic, control bodies should be particularly careful in checking the documents confirming the origin and quality of the goods from persons engaged in its sale and citizens who have purchased poor quality goods immediately (point of sale websites) and sellers of this product, as our health depends on you.
Manufacturing and marketing of counterfeit disinfectants will lead to a loss of confidence in the customers, as well as other products and may cause irreparable damage to the manufacturer’s image. This issue is especially relevant during a pandemic, when these products are in high demand, as an effective means of protection against infectious diseases.
That is why appropriate measures should be taken to identify counterfeit products, as well as persons involved in its production and marketing, to help the staff of Law Firm REVEALING INFORMATION.

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