Car Attorney Kiev and the region

We are the team of experts, who are united by decades of experience, respect to the law and desire to serve and protect, not the strive to cover thugs.

The first company in Kiev, which provides an emergency visit on a scene of an accident. If you are involved in a problem like an accident, keep in mind that the result of compensation for damage to your property or health depends on how quickly you sought help of qualified lawyers and a number of actions of a legal nature. It includes preparation of the protocol at the scene, reconstruction report and other documents for onward transmission to the court and insurance companies. The timely call and the work of a lawyer at the scene ensures the correct way of all actions in the processing time according to the requirements of the legislation. The accuracy and validity of the documents in case of an accident affects the final decision of the investigator and judge. 24/7 team of qualified professionals (lawyers/solicitors/ commissioners) arrives and provides a full range of services in relation to legal protection of the victim in the accident.

Protection in case of accident
  • Verbal/written consultation
  • Visiting the scene of an accident and participation in the preparation of primary documents
  • Legal expertise of documents
  • Analyzing a situation and determining a plan of action;
  • Appeal of actions/inaction of law enforcement bodies
  • Assistance in the organization of independent technical expertise
  • Representation of interests of the victim at police office, insurance companies, court;
  • Preparation of documents and applying them in court
  • Appeal of court decisions in appellate and cassation instances