How to find a stolen car

We are the team of experts, who are united by decades of experience, respect to the law and desire to serve and protect, not the strive to cover thugs.

The question of illegal actions concerning vehicles at the present time attracts attention more and more. Recently, the number of car theft has increased by 20%, so you need to be vigilant.

Investigation of such a case requires intensive and proper expert work, which requires time and urgency. On May 10, our company “REVEALING INFORMATION” turned to the fact that her car was stolen. Due to the fact that the person quickly responded and turned to us for help, we were able to immediately carry out a whole range of measures to implement his rights and in two days found a place of stay of the vehicle.
If you do not know how to properly declare an unlawful act against you or if you need enough help – you should contact the experts. On the basis of data analysis, a proper strategy for investigating a case that relates to such types of offenses is being built.
Our team employs people with experience in the field and sufficient knowledge to solve your problem. Our specialists work independently and organize interaction with state services.
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